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Sunday, January 31, 2010

That ‘70s Show

Have you ever watch That '70s Show? It is a show about a few teens way back in the 70s. The show revolves around a gang of six youths : Eric Foreman, Steven Hyde, Donna Pinciotti, Michael Kelso, Fez, and Jackie Burkhart. They always hang out in Eric's basement and talk about everything and sometimes make fun of each other. No, make that ALWAYS make fun of each other.

Eric can be considered like the team leader of this group for the fact that he is the smartest besides Donna. You will have to appreciate his "Smart Mouth" hehe.. His family loves him so much (family = his mom). But I cannot say the same about his father, Red Foreman. He has a sister, Laurie, whom he doesn't get along very well.

Steven Hyde is someone who can be considered not stupid but not so smart either. He's okay, but can be rebelious at times. He comes from a broken family, his mother abandon him and ran away with some guy. He represents the kind of teenager who likes to rebel and protest about everything.

Donna is Eric's girlfriend. She is the smartest of the bunch but she has stupid and weird parents. Nothing much can be said about Donna, but something sure is that she loves Eric so much.

Kelso...well, Kelso is... well, he's stupid. Enough said.. haha.. He really appreciates a good burn!

Fez the foreign guy is weird and has a really quirky accent. Sometimes he can't pronounce certain words right. He can be very desperate at times where he will take any girl who will to be his girlfriend. Until now I still can't quite figure out where he's from. Hurmm weird...

Jackie Burkhart comes from a rich family and doesn't appreciate money. She is Michael's girlfriend although you will see that by the third season Jackie is with Steven. Jackie loves to boss people around, especially Michael. She thinks she is so pretty and hot among all girls in Point Place and would like everybody to think so too.

And then there's other people in the show like Red Foreman (Eric's dad), Kitty Foreman (Eric's mom), Laurie Foreman (Eric's sister), Bob & Midge Pinciotti (Donna's Parents).

I love the show. It taught me a lot about relationship between parents and children and also between man and women. Their jokes can be spot on and down right funny. Their examples of how man and women behave can be very acurate and I can relate to them.


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