Cuma sekadar luahan dari hati

Saturday, January 30, 2010

* What a week

*Need to find 20 new prospects every month to become new member! @#$%^&* 20!!! where am i going to find that?

* and how am i going to do that? sigh~ it's like working in sales department where i have to achieve certain sales target. what have i got myself into????? soon i'll find my hair falling off faster than i can find that 20 prospects!

*Is it true about the rumours? Betul ke COLA akan ditarik balik? Damn! dahla gaji pun ciput

*Now i have a headache. I need to do medical checkup. I might have migrain. I've been having these headache for these past weeks.

*His Royal Highness Sultan of Johor passed away on the 22nd January 2010. May Allah Bless His Royal Highness Soul. Al-Fatihah. My mom + dad + sis + bro all went to Johor for the Tahlil but i didn't go because i've used my current annual leave. I was all alone at home :'( My mom might want to go for the 40th day of Tahlil later ( i don't know when). It's so hard if ur mom happens to be connected to the Johor Royal Family and have to attend if something like this happen. Its not that i don't like it, but i prefer to be low profile and stay unknown like normal people.

*KJTR might set up its own blog. I wonder if the management approve this. and who will have the authority over this blog? who will update the blog? I don't think it would be one of the supervisors, whould it? Owh maybe Nadia can. She took multimedia when she was studying. Ooooohh this is so exciting. Just have to wait and see.

*Because of this headache i can't go to Melaka for Eli's engagement :( sorry eli...i'll definitely come to your wedding. can't miss that.


ZaCk said...

Bestnye.. hehe... lama tak jmpa ko kan.. hehe kenal aku lagi tak?

varsha said...

of course aku kenal ko.. last time aku jumpe ko mase exam PTD kan? hehe...aku lps smpai PTD je, pastu kantoi. huhu