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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Weekend Outing

My sister got two free tickets to watch any movies at any GSC cinemas nationwide... so today we went to Pavilion.

She decided to watch The Proposal and we arrived at Pavilion around 12 pm. Thank goodness the queue was not long.

Bought some popcorn and hotdog. After the movie we went to buy some J.CO donuts...MMMMMMmmmmmmmm.... Yummy...!!! I think my favourite flavour is the one with the melted cheese on top...Hehehe...

Head back home and played Travian :)


GRuNGe said...

Good job my guild mate. Keep on blogging, but dont forget travian. I'll link you at my blog.

fruzlevin said...

nak jugakk.. the donut..bulat n gebu ..iskk sedap nyerrr